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Did you know that you can apply minimalism to books too? It is harder for the author to write those, but much easier for you, the reader, to learn and use the essentials directly without wading through fluffy pages and getting lost - getting lost means you will not take action. And taking action is THE crucial step you need to do.

Now, and not tomorrow.

Tomorrow is NO Action land.

Change your life now and stop wasting time.

I learned it the hard way and I am thankful that I took action. My mom was a hoarder, and even I was not one, I had a hard time saying goodbye to things. Luckily, that changed one day, and I began my minimalism journey without knowing it at that point. It wasn't a fad yet and YouTube wasn't born. However, it made my life better. And it works fine for our family of three too.

However, I am not sure if I had even considered it when my first encounter were those YouTubers you see nowadays. Crazy zealots who go nuts.
It is a nightmare and turns away too many people from an excellent idea. People who can benefit from minimalism and make their life better and living on our planet too.

Somebody like you.

Don't go away; minimalism can help you.

What are your benefits you might ask?
Owning less stuff reduces a lot of stress from your life. You don't need to worry about cleaning, managing, and organizing.
You will buy less and stop competing with the Joneses next door.
Consuming less gets you out of debt
Buying less also means we need to produce less and use fewer resources on earth.
You will value experiences and quality time with friends and family much more. Give love without buying any stuff.
You will free up your mind and get happier.

You'll get all of that and more in a dogma-free way and without becoming frugal. No need to live in a shack; except you want to.

Join me in a personal way into minimalism without dogmas. Written with a minimalist mindset and leaving the fluff out.

Buy Your Copy Now and Use the Fastlane to Action Land and a Better Life.

Health & Well-Being
September 28
Jens Boje

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