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The main character, Oliver Brennan, is a university professor who is very motivated to find answers about human origins. Having obtained new information about Neanderthals, he enthusiastically shares this with his students. However, powerful members of the Evolution Establishment don't appreciate his unconventional views, particularly those showing scientific proofs that Neanderthals had longevities spanning hundreds of years. They make sure he gets fired. Recovering by vacationing in Europe, Oliver and his wife Juliet meet several interesting persons who reveal little known aspects of ancient and modern civilizations. They eventually steer the couple toward a very knowledgeable English historian who lives in Gibraltar, Henry Bradley. Oliver, Juliet and Henry become closer, and participate in an archaeological exploration near 18th century fortifications. They dig up several valuable objects, and a diary written by Invincible Armada Captain Ruben Montero in 1588. They are surprised to discover that the English escaped by a hair. The reader learns the economic motivations of the Holy Inquisition. Later on, they find another diary written by the last officer of the Knights Templar, Raymond de Montbard, who describes how a dishonest king transformed the Roman Catholic Church into the largest criminal organization founded up to that time, and paid a heavy price for his transgressions. Oliver and his friends dig up a third diary, written in classical Tibetan. In the 15th century, the chronicler visits marvels that made Tibet the most advanced nation in the world. Moving to the cultural capital of the world, Constantinople, he takes risks in order to bring knowledge and civilization to the West, and participates in a technological breakthrough that launches the Age of Discovery. New diaries turn up, showing that a small group started both the American and the French revolutions; there are new revelations about the sources of money that financed these events. Emperor Napoleon has beaten larger armies many times. Now he's heading the biggest army ever seen in the world. The top Russian general facing him happens to be the only man on Earth who has more brains than the military genius. Marshal Kutuzov wins the war despite stiff opposition from his own side. New documents show the workings of the East India Company and its terrible Opium War. The reader discovers the provenance of the British royal family's fortune. Then there is an encouraging reset of the British Empire toward better outcomes. In the 1930's England's time is up. At the last minute, one man stands up and turns the situation around, against impossible odds.
In Chapter 9, we learn a great deal more about Neanderthals' longevity, superhuman strength, and extraordinary talents. In Chapter 10, Henry sends Oliver and Juliet to meet an unusual character known as Professor MacX. Together they assemble the pieces of the puzzle. The reader understands more in depth the great longevity of our ancestors, and for the first time the clear explanation of the extinction of the Neanderthals. After reading the whole chapter, a thoughtful person understands that the ideology of Evolution cannot withstand a rigorously scientific assessment. Having eloquently and thoroughly demonstrated the collapse of the Theory of Evolution, MacX proposes a version of our origins that fits the indisputable facts. The Epilogue prepares the reader for the next book, entitled 'Book 2, The New Neanderthals'.

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March 15
Oliver Reveere