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Mystic Anderson was broken; she knew this.

But she didn’t know why. Her parents were wonderfully supportive, and she got along great with her brother and sister. They lived in a great neighborhood, and she was well on her way to graduating high school. So, with all that going for her, how did she end up so broken?

Gage Evans was evil; he knew this.

And he knew exactly why. On the surface, he had the perfect life. His parents were both doctors, and he lived in a goddamn mansion. He was popular, good-looking, athletic, and he was well on his way to graduating high school. So, with all that going for him, how did he end up so evil?

Mystic had no reasons for being the way she was.
Gage had all the reasons in the world for being the way he was.

As they come together, Mystic finds acceptance in Gage, and Gage finds solace in Mystic. But the bond that is forged between them is one born from an unhealthy obsession that consumes them both. And they both know it.

When life tears them apart, Mystic is left living in an empty shell, while Gage is left living with a burning rage. Ten years later, she’s back in his life, and he’s still angry-furious, actually. However, she’s still broken and he’s still evil, and that combination is still as dangerous as it ever was.

Can Gage forgive Mystic for all those missing years? Better yet, can Mystic forgive Gage for the heartache she’s endured? And can they figure it out before one destroys the other?

Note: This book contains dark themes, delicate subject material, and questionable consent. Please DO NOT purchase this book if you are sensitive to dark subject matter or questionable aggression.

November 1
M.E. Clayton

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