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Hungry for more gay werewolf action? Want to know what adventures the Pack Pals have gone through? This is the sizzling finish to the Pack Pals series where the they double team Frankenstein, dungeon masters, vampire bosses and even the pack Alpha Louis himself!

Stories in this anthology (in order):

Pack Pals in Frankenstein Monster Menage: MMM Paranormal Monster Erotica

After a treacherous journey across the tundra, the pack pals arrive at the fortress that supposedly holds Louis captive. Employing stealth, they wait til nightfall before infiltrating the castle walls. But never in their wildest nightmares did they expect a hulking Frankenstein on patrol! Will they be pounded by the undead beast or will the pack pals be the ones doing the 'pounding'?

[WARNING: This 3900 word paranormal erotic experience contains explicit scenes described with graphic language, gay sex, sex with Frankenstein, undead sex, werewolf sex, threesomes, oral sex, anal sex and more! Adults only.]

Pack Pals in Dominating the Dungeon Master: Gay Paranormal BDSM Erotica

After fucking Frankenstein, the Pack Pals narrowly escape the guard as they sneak into the castle. While exploring the place, they chance upon a dungeon and detect Louis' scent. They need to find him. But when the perverted Dungeon Master refuses to divulge this much-needed information, the Pack Pals opt to turn the tables and dominate it out of him!

[WARNING: This 4200 word paranormal bdsm experience contains explicit scenes described in graphic language, oral sex, anal sex, gay sex, bdsm, double penetration, sex toy use and much more! Adults only.]

Pack Pals in Beating off the Boss: Paranormal Gay Werewolf Vampire Erotica

Led by the vampire guard to the great hall, the Pack Pals meet the vampire king at last. He's immortal, calls himself 'Boss' and wants their 'youth'. The Pack Pals know Boss holds Louis, the old wolf. Both sides covet what the other possesses, so it's logical that a trade is proposed. The firm manly bodies of the Pack Pals in exchange for Louis, will the Pack Pals agree to… beat off the Boss?

[WARNING: This 4900 word gay paranormal experience contains explicit scenes, graphic language, anal sex, werewolf-vampire sex, gay sex, oral sex, hot menage action, ass-licking, masturbation, handjobs, voyeurism, public sex and much more! Adults only.]

Pack Pals in Lasting Lycan Lust (Paranormal Gay Werewolf Menage Erotica)

With Louis finally found, the Pack Pals make their way back home. But when Louis turns after being exposed to the full moon, he leads the Pack Pals out into the canyon on a wild goose chase. Till now, the Pack Pals were an equal partnership. So when Louis now declares himself pack Alpha, he has to prove he's fit to lead by the only way he knows how: sexy, sexy, domination!

[WARNING: This 4000 word erotic paranormal gay experience contains explicit language, graphic scenes, gay sex, menage, oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, transformations, a faux hunt, masturbation, domination, submission, alpha and beta wolves and much more! Adults only.]

Fiction & Literature
September 14
Annabel Bastione

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