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According to Harvard Business School professor, Noam Wasserman, 65% of startups fail as a direct result of cofounder conflict. That’s nearly 2/3 of all startups!

Is your business exposed to failure due to cofounder/partner conflict? Are you currently struggling to make a business partnership work? Are you thinking about joining up with a couple cofounders to launch a startup, but concerned about how to choose the right cofounders for you?

Whether you are about to launch a technology startup with four cofounders or you’ve been in business with one other co-owner for a decade, your future success is dependent on your ability to navigate the complex world of business relationships.

Harvard-educated business lawyer and entrepreneur, Brett Cenkus, draws on his 20+ years of business and legal experience, including his fair share of successful business partnerships and a couple failures that left scar tissue.

This book is your crash course in the practical implementation, management and maximization of business partnerships. In it, you will discover:

• Why business partnerships are critical for achieving outsized entrepreneurial success
• The key characteristics of great business partnerships
• How to select the right business partners (and avoid the wrong ones!)
• What you can do today to be a better business partner
• Key actions to ensure your business partnerships not only survive, but thrive
• How to properly document business partnerships with founders’ agreements
• What to do if things don’t go well with a business partnership, and much, much more!

Partner-Proofing Your Partnership is your handbook to cultivating successful business partnerships. If you like progressive solutions, self-empowerment and real-world applications, then you’ll love Brett Cenkus’ book on business partnerships.

Buy the book to take your first step toward wildly successful business partnerships!

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