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Stacy meets up with the stunning Dr. Kara Burnett for lunch, and the good doctor has a new treatment for her to try - a remote-controlled vibrator that she is to keep in her panties all day! After several near misses at work, the two sexy women meet up at a fancy steakhouse where things escalate. They even show off for their beautiful waitress and then get her involved in her first lesbian fun!


This erotic short story is packed full of exhibitionism, public lesbian sex, a lesbian threesome, and even some naughty dessert. Only for those 18+!


The two women ordered lunch and chatted about their days. Stacy could sense that Kara was building up to something. Then again, she is almost always building up to something. It’s the reason that they had never met up without hooking up in some form. No matter what Stacy’s initial thoughts were about anything, Kara always managed to break down her objections and then give her a really f*****g great time. Stacy could feel her panties moistening in anticipation.

The doctor cocked her head at Stacy, and started delicately. “I have a proposition for you, Stacy. A challenge, shall we say.” This was nothing new to them; Kara was always pushing the boundaries of Stacy’s comfort zone, helping her to explore her sexuality. It was how they had gotten into bondage play, and other BDSM. It was the reason that they had started to bring other people into the bedroom. “I want you to take this,” she reached into her purse and pulled out a small, shiny object, “and put it in your panties for the day.”

Kara placed the object on the table between them. It was a small, plastic thing, a couple of inches long, about the same size and shape as a stick of lipstick. Stacy picked it up. It was smooth and silky to the touch, no noticeable buttons, depressions, or really any distinguishing features at all.

“What is it?” All of a sudden it began to vibrate in Stacy’s hand, and a very quiet buzzing sound accompanied the movement. She almost dropped it in surprise. “Whoa! What did I do?”

The doctor smiled and pulled her hand out of her purse to show a small and discrete remote. “You didn’t do anything. That was all me. This is a remote-controlled bullet vibe, so that one person can tease the other with random shocks of vibration. There is no way to control it except for this remote, and it has tons of different settings and vibration profiles.” As she finished speaking, the little bullet went into hyper drive and almost worked its way right out of Stacy’s grip until she clamped down on it harder.

Just thinking about being at Kara’s mercy throughout the day got Stacy beyond wet. “I’m going back to work after lunch, though! I won’t be able to concentrate very well if I have this thing buzzing away at my clit!” She couldn’t help picturing it, though, and it was hot to think that she would have to try and hide her pleasure while interacting with her coworkers. Especially the people who worked under her.

Kara knew Stacy far too well. “Oh come on, Stacy, it will be fun! I know that you won’t be able to resist. Plus,” she leaned across the table and started speaking quietly, “I’m going to take you out to a nice dinner after work, and then we will see just how much you are turned on from the afternoon’s activities.”

Stacy sighed. It was no use trying to argue. Neither Kara nor her throbbing loins would let her pass on this challenge. 

Fiction & Literature
February 19
Olivia Ruin

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