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This is book 1 of The Beasts MC romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I’m rock hard and ready to break her.

She’s in my bed for her own protection.

But there’s nothing to protect her from me.

Who cares that our marriage is fake?

The night I have planned for my new bride is going to be very, very real.


I didn’t ask for this.

She didn’t, either.

But someone is determined to hurt and destroy my MC president’s daughter.

And it’s fallen to me to keep her safe.

Caught without options, I marry her and take her as my wife.

Emma is gorgeous and smart – far too good for a violent biker like me.

That doesn’t stop me from putting my hands all over her.

I love the way she moans my name, the way she moves under the cover of darkness.

I can’t stop wanting her, no matter how hard I try.

But danger is never far behind.

I know I should let Emma go.

I’m not the right man for her.

But my vows have become real.

In my heart, Emma is mine.

To have. To hold. To feel. To own.

She’s a biker’s bride…

‘Til death do us part.


When my father tells me to marry his second-in-command, I’m frozen in shock.

I had always sworn I’d never get involved with a biker.

I’d seen too much.

The club tore families apart.

I wouldn’t let that happen to me.

But then my father tells me he’s dying.

And a mysterious man tries to assault me in the middle of the night.

Something is happening, something that scares me.

I have no choice but to follow my father’s orders.

That’s how I became the outlaw’s bride.

Kellan is a beast and a monster.

A killer, a sinner, a rogue.

But he kisses me at the altar with so much passion that my heart comes to a standstill.

I shouldn’t want him.

He’s not the man I imagined as my husband.

But as my dad’s enemies get closer, I can’t stop wanting our marriage to be real.

Our lives are on the line.

And I realize that, although Kellan might not be the man I ever predicted for myself…

He’s the one I’m falling for.

And he’s the one I’ll be with.

As long as we both shall live.


Fake wedding with a hot bad boy biker? How could anyone say no?? Check out ROCK HARD by bestselling motorcycle club romance author Zoey Parker if you love fake marriage romance with unexpected babies and hot sex, or if you like reading MC romance series about alpha male bad boy bikers. I promise that this new adult contemporary romance will blow you away with its themes of dark romance, hot sex, and never-ending passion. So what are you waiting for??

October 26
Sopris Page Press

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