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Rowan's life had gone down the toilet ever since his teenage crush had moved away when he was fourteen. Shifting as omega, then his parent's dying, Rowan knew the only luck he ever had was bad luck. If it wasn't for his grandmother, he'd have left his pack lands a long time ago. Visiting his Grandmother one night, taking her the baking supplies she used to feed the children of the pack, he was confronted by his worst nightmare - Percy. But to his surprise, the evening didn't turn out the way Percy and his friends had planned.

Shadow, formerly known as Gray, always knew he'd return to his home pack one day. He just didn't expect it to take so long. When he comes across his brother Percy, threatening the one he'd always known was his mate, Percy's night went from bad to worse. Killing Percy was easy for Shadow; wooing his mate was a whole different story.

Between the drugs, the elders, and the fearful pack members, finding time to make Rowan happy was an almost impossible task. But Shadow hadn't come home alone. If he can find the one man behind all the mess, then he and Rowan's life would be the HEA he'd dreamed of. That's provided Rowan doesn't get killed first.

Despite the dour blurb, this story is written with the same splashes of humor Lisa Oliver is known for. You have a redheaded omega who has more spirit than he realizes, an alpha who always seem to put his foot in his mouth, and and HEA that will melt the hardest of hearts. The first part of this story was written for the Stormy Glenn's Manlove Fantasies blog and was available on that blog for free late last year. The story has had forty thousand words added to it since then and is now complete.

This book is intended for Adults only - please store your ebooks responsibly.

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Lisa Oliver

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