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This is book 1 of the Storm’s Angels MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I stole his money. He stole my heart.

I knew the consequences when I took the mission.

But I tried to rob the biker president anyways.

He caught me, and now I’m his.

His toy. His hostage. His wife.


When my boss orders me to steal from the Storm’s Angels MC, I’m wary.

I’ve been around this city long enough to have heard the stories about the bikers and their leader.

They say Mason is bad.




And now, I’m about to find out for myself.

Because somehow, he knew I was coming.

And I walked right into his trap.

Now, I’m tied to a chair in his basement, stripped bare, with nothing but my body to offer.

Mason is relentless.

He wants to know who sent me, and why.

I know that if I give up my employer, I’m dead meat.

But Mason makes me want to abandon my old life and fall headlong into his.

I’m caught between old loyalties and new ones.

Between my head and my heart.

Between the mafia man who put my skills to use…

And the gorgeous outlaw who’s using me for his pleasure.


I’ll never stop in my quest to make the Storm’s Angels the most powerful MC in the city.

I’ve spent years honing a reputation that makes my enemies quiver at my approach.

None dared cross me.

Until her.

Clara tried to steal my possessions from my club.

But her bright blue eyes and long, flawless legs make me want to steal the breath from her lungs instead.

I want to make her scream and moan.

To claim her as mine.

And when I realize that seducing her will bring me closer to discovering which of my enemies sent her…

Playtime begins.

I just didn’t expect that I’d never want it to end.

That I’d want her in my bed for eternity.

And when she’s taken from me, nothing will stop me from stealing her back.

Because, if she’s anyone’s thief…

She’s MINE.


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October 5
Sopris Page Press

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