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Scintillas Journal invites writers to e-mail short stories, articles
and poetry to us for publication; All work may be e-mailed to
scintilla@yahoo.com and be sure to include your name,
address or e-mail address and telephone or cell phone numbers.


Our goal is to illustrate stories which answer this question: How
can women and men stop oppression during the 21st century?


Sunshine Hawk is a pseudonym for one of the writers. Hawk
wrote The Three Praying Women poetry/play and passed it around
to all of the writers, then work was submitted. Read, A Trilogy of
Pastel Courage and understand how three generations of women
cope with oppression.

Olivia OSullivan wrote this wonderful short story. Then she
out does herself writing, I Am Woman. Now, the experiences of
a married woman leaves you wiser than before.

Lets look at a divorced woman talking about A Mothers Love
written by Joan M. Mayer. There are two types of single women.Kathleen Mary Smith tells us about Unmarried/No Children.
Listen to the dutiful daughter take care of her mother. Open your
eyes to the more spirited woman as Laura Joy Lustig says Doing
Nothing May Be A Bit Too Much. Learn about The Best Kept
Secret by Rotan J. Hill. Share your knowledge about homelessness
Read, Listen and Homelessness Poems. Do you believe that
children need educational reform? Read our poem by Sunshine
Hawk entitled, Children Need Educational Reform. Visit China
as Kathleen Mary Smith reports on the Fourth World Conference
on Women in 1995.

Scintillas Journal

Our major focus is to illustrate oppression from different time
periods. This journal is not male bashing. We stress the fact that
Oppression is all economics Please read to enjoy and contribute
to answering the question: How can women and men stop
oppression during the 21st century?

Public Service Announcement

Being Handicapped

Steve Dorsey tells what it is like to be handicapped.


In summary, read Space and learn what qualifi cations are
needed for the next President of the United States of America.
Whether you endorse a woman or a man, we need a President
who will stop oppression during the 21st century.

Fiction & Literature
January 4
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