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Angeline has reached a difficult time in her life: she's bored with being Lady Shottsford, her young son is off at boarding school, and her husband barely acknowledges her. A far cry from the delights of her first married days! Has she become too complacent? Too old? Too fat?

Having taken to lonely walks around the Shottsford Manor estate, Angeline comes across a strange and compelling sight: two of the house's servants--both male!--engaged in some definitely illicit activities. Angeline is strangely aroused at the sight of them, too. She can use her position somehow to her advantage, here, but how should she do so? And what will her demands be?

WARNING: This 6000-word erotic interlude is Part I of the Serving At Her Pleasure series. It includes explicit depictions of MM and MMF intimacy, including oral sex and all sorts of other penetrations, taking place in a setting reminiscent of Downton Abbey.


She peered forward into the path to the clearing. It was without question a man, making the noise; but what on earth could he be doing, out here in the woods? Indeed, whoever could it be?

Angeline carefully approached the clearing, the end of the path clearly silhouetted against the bright light of the clearing. Barely able to draw breath, she finally reached the opening, and looked to see the source of the noise.

It was not a man, or not just one man; it was two. One, with blond hair, a taut and lean body, his muscles brightly lit by the afternoon sun, was standing; the other, larger, swarthier and dark-haired, with broad, powerful shoulders, was on his knees before him. Both were quite naked; Angeline vaguely noted two piles of clothing strewn on either side of the two. And the fairer of the two had his cock deep within the other's mouth.

The leaner man was the source of the sounds she'd heard before, as well. He had quieted a little since Angeline began watching, although he showed no sign of spying her there, and indeed she was still shrouded in the path's shadows.

But he had begun to stroke the other man's hair, speaking slowly and quietly. "That's marvellous," he remarked, just loudly enough that Angeline could hear him. She covered her mouth with her hand in time to catch herself from laughing; he sounded like he was regarding some well-executed painting, rather than -- this.

He rocked his narrow but muscular hips back and forth, and the sight of his member entering and then withdrawing from the other's mouth entranced her utterly. It had occurred to her to try this with her husband, back when they were first married, but he had shown no sign of wanting it, and she was unsure of how he might react; after he had put a child inside her, she was almost never in a position to try it out.

She wished now that she had had the opportunity; the thought of the velvety skin of a man's organ pressing between her lips and running against her tongue was only too wonderful, now that she had an opportunity to witness it.

And this was two gentlemen, at that, not a man and a lady. Surely that increased the frisson of pleasure she felt now, the warmth that had begun between her thighs and was now spreading deliciously through her body.

She studied the pair of them for a moment, suddenly realising that she knew them. One was a servant in the upper house, a second footman or some such position; the larger man was surely employed in their stables, or in their garage, as an ostler or mechanic or some sort of thing.

So this was how they spent their afternoons.

The frequency with which the blond man's piston stroked in and out of the other was increasing steadily, and the pleasure and desire between them seemed to fill the air. Oh, to be as naked as these two...

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March 19
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