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Join two sexy young women in a summer of erotic adventures in the Mediterranean! In this episode, Mary decides on some adult entertainment in the shower, but Eve walks in on her.... When the girls meet their new boss, Eve quickly decides they should be more than workmates, and after a few drinks gets him to show her the beach. He shows her a lot more than that - and she loves it! Join these gorgeous girls on a journey filled with sex, fun, sex, adventure and more sex! Excerpts - 'I'm going to jump into the shower Eve, if that's okay.' 'Sure, no problem, I'm just going to relax for a minute. I can't be bothered with unpacking, not right now anyway.' Mary tugged her sweat pants off and threw them on her bed, and soon her top had followed them. Reaching behind to unclasp her bra she suddenly remembered Eve hugging the redhead at the airport and felt a little uncomfortable. Eve wasn't staring, but she could obviously see her and Mary wondered again if Eve was a lesbian. Deciding that if they were spending the summer together she'd have to be comfortable with her new friend, Mary slipped her bra off and quickly stepped out of her knickers. 'You know Eve, last summer I came down here one night with …. a friend, and there were so many people having sex - it was unbelievable! The nightclubs had started closing and the party sort of carried on, out here.' 'Wow! I wish I'd been here then. I can't remember the last time!' Eve wasn't quite telling the truth now, but her white lie had the desired effect. James' arms snaked around her and she turned her mouth up to kiss him. Gently at first, two experienced lovers let their mouths find a mutual rhythm, tasting each other and moving together. Eve's hands found James' firm buttocks, encouraging further intimacies as their tongues met and began to explore. His hands were even bolder, caressing her.... Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of sex between women and men. Adults only, please! 4365 words.

Fiction & Literature
May 2
Rory Hitch

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