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This is the fourth story with these characters. It may be read as a standalone, but look for Stress Treatment, Home Treatment, and Bondage Treatment for the previous stories.

Stacy is a high-level marketing executive at a large company. She has to stay late to attend a conference call with the Asian office, but since she is recovering from painful stress headaches her beautiful doctor, Dr. Kara Burnett, isn't happy with her working so much. Dr. Burnett shows up at the office, big black toy bag in hand, and proceeds to give Stacy one of her famous 'treatments.' This time, with people working on the other side of the wall, they can't afford to make any noise. To ensure compliance, Dr. Burnett introduces Stacy to a new medical instrument - a leather and stainless steel ball gag!


This erotic short story contains scenes of very explicit lesbian sex, including cunnilingus, bondage, dildos, and a gag. Only for those 18+!


“Kara! What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in?” Stacy jumped out of her seat, shocked out of remembering that her skirt was still hiked around her waist.

The doctor’s eyebrow raised in that sexy, calm and self-assured manner, taking in the sight of her patient and lover naked from the waist down. She dropped the bag to the floor and pointedly closed the door behind her, which had still been standing gaped wide on the rest of the office. One of the agents who worked with Hong Kong was visible through the opening, his back to the door. At Kara’s exclamation, his head and chair had started turning towards them, luckily not completing the motion before the door closed to outside eyes.

The blonde locked the door and leaned against it, eyes smoldering. “Well, Stacy, I am sorry to say that I just wasn’t satisfied with leaving my patient to work long hours without my care. And luckily for both of us, your building security is just awful. Seriously, I am almost worried at how easily I was able to make my way up here.”

Stacy sputtered for a moment. “But what about the texts? You said you wanted me to bring myself off!”

Kara nodded. “Of course I wanted you to think that. I wanted you to be ready for me. I was just getting here in the cab when I sent those. I’m sure you can tell from the picture I sent you, but I am more than ready to hop right into things.”

It took several moments for Stacy to remember that in the picture she had gotten, it looked like Kara hadn’t been wearing anything at all. It wasn’t as though there had been a skirt hiked up or panties pulled to the side.

Once Kara saw the cogs click into place in Stacy’s head, she pushed off from where she was leaning and started to unbutton her coat. The fabric mostly stayed put while she was working at the closure, but once she finished undoing the final button she swept the coat back and off of her in one smooth movement.

Her pale body revealed, Kara stood still, posing for Stacy as though she were a Renaissance statue carved out of marble. She was completely nude underneath the coat except for her black stockings and a matching garter belt, garters tight. Pert breasts featured on her chest, perfect handfuls that begged to be gently lifted and squeezed. Her taut, toned stomach served as the flawless expanse over which the garter belt ran, framing her best feature that Stacy couldn’t bring her eyes away from.

“You know, I think the cab driver got an eyeful when I took that picture for you,” Kara purred in a sultry voice. “He completely forgot to charge me my fare.”

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January 26
Olivia Ruin

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