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25 year old Cathy Morgan, entrepreneur of the D and D Fashions Ltd, wouldn’t with stand the peer pressures about dating a guy and to Jacky Frost and Emmy Baker, Joe Helms of the Jaqu Voyage travelling agency is the perfect suitor for a lady of her standards. A few dates are met and Cathy finds herself drowned in the most powerful romance of Joe. She gets deeply engaged with Joe for reasons of her wanting to settle with a perfect guy but as Joe and her two most prominent and best friends, Emmy and Jacky, would rather have it as cash for love business so as to drain her of a fortune that was left her by her grandfather. Their schemes to make a fortune out of her estate loops in the middle of a perfect romance and the sore feeling of betrayal and hate envelopes poor Cathy as she shrinks to her former self.

Meanwhile, Joe see reasons later on why he should love Cathy purely and operate within the confined boundaries of love and relationship, his life and career turns to be mesmerized by his lack of focus and his accomplices in the business followed suit. They lost their jobs and a serious relationship with Cathy would be as dubious as obvious, relative to her experience with them. Their frustrations are intense and the shame on their faces is most probable for there was none to take the lead in gaining what they naturally lost…

Fiction & Literature
May 14
Deltrionne Books

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