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This explicit erotic collection contains themes of erotic public spanking throughout history, as well as erotic degradation and defloration.

An Illicit Affair On The Night Before My Arraigned Marriage

Pressed by her family to marry a friend of her uncle, Dakota reluctantly agrees. It puts her as the only passenger on a stagecoach making the trip to her uncle’s home, and she ends up riding on the driver’s box. An attraction to the handsome man she’s sitting beside puts doubts in her mind that she’s doing the right thing by marrying an older man she doesn’t even know. When they stop for the night in the great outdoors, she finds it impossible to resist his advances and succumbs to a night of passion that irrevocably changes her life - and leaves her pregnant with another man's baby.

This is a Victorian Era erotic historical secret baby romance.

Punished In The Stocks

Elizabeth has never been a proper lady, but what she finds out she is to be denigrated by being put into a stock, she is shocked. Everyone in her well-to-do town understands what happens to women in the stocks.

What scares Elizabeth most of all, are her own feelings. She had dreamt of public submission her entire life, and a part of her was always too scared to really give into her desires. She knows that if it came down to it, she would be more turned on than she ever was if someone was to actually do what the rumors talk about...

"Well," She thought to herself, "All that about the stocks is probably just a rumor anyway..."

The Aristocrat's Plaything

Arabella can’t believe her good fortune when the agency she joins places her as a maid in the home of Viscount Leslie almost straight away. She vows to do her best for such an aristocratic employer, but her pretty face and innocent demeanor don’t go unnoticed.

December 30
25 Eagles LLC

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