Speedy Budget Busters: in your thermomix or thermo cooker

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My mission has always been to get people cooking more often and from scratch, yet over the years I’ve come to realise there are three things that get in the way of this for people; time, money and skill. So in this eBook I’m covering off on all three, so you are empowered to put a homecooked meal on the table every night this week, and hopefully many more after that.

I’ve kept all these recipes super quick, using only a thermo cooker, chopping board and occasionally a stove burner. You’ll have each one complete and on the table in less than 30 minutes, some in as little as 15. Your total shop for the five nights will be less than $50, less than what a family of four would spend in one night on takeaway. And these recipes are dead easy, I promise. The thermo cooker does most of the work, and no matter what your skill level you’ll be able to handle the rest.

The five recipes have been developed as a weekly collection, offering a variety of flavours and also heavy and light meals. I have intentionally tried to repeat ingredients as much as possible within those confines, so there is less wastage and you can get a better price by buying things in bulk. For example, you’ll buy one bunch of spring onions and use them across two recipes. That’s why we’ve included a shopping list for the five meals. However, by no means feel you need to embrace all five recipes at once – each will happily stand on their own whenever a cheap and speedy meal is in order.

I’ve kept the ingredients list for each recipe as short as possible, both to keep costs down but also to show how it really doesn’t take much to put a nourishing and delicious meal on the table. I have however added little notes on how you could ‘jazz each recipe up’ if you had spare ingredients in the fridge, pantry or garden – but these are by no means essential. I’ve also kept all the recipes vegetarian – there is a time and place to cut costs and quality, but in my opinion animal products isn’t one of them.

I hope you love this ebook, and that my team and I have helped make your life that little bit easier.

Happy cooking,

love alyce alexandra xo

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    1 May
    Alyce alexandra

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