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Spiritual Innovation

Expecting More // Shifting Reality

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Publisher Description

We anticipate innovation in things like medicine, science and technology. But we don’t have a framework for, and often times there’s opposition to innovation in the spiritual realm. But why?

In his book, Spiritual Innovation, Cole asks how we got where we are, what God might be saying today, and what that means for our future.

While we fight to control ourselves and create systems to control those around us, God is calling us to a new level of freedom and expectation. Spiritual Innovation frees us to approach the world and life in God with a new level of curiosity and creativity.

This is a book for people who know there must be more. While highlighting the importance of honoring the past, Spiritual Innovation encourages us to shift the world around us today and expect to be exceeded in the future.

What are people saying?

“Cole helps shift and challenge how we see our relationship with Jesus, focusing on the practical realities of what it means to see heaven on earth. Cole not only talks about faith and creativity, he lives it out in his love for the Church and the world. Read this book, and dream again!”

//Brad Lomenick

Former director of Catalyst, Author of “The Catalyst Leader”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Cole’s beautiful and thoughtful examination of the power and necessity of mystery. Spiritual Innovation serves as a wonderful instruction manual for creatives and non-creatives alike, to dare to dream bigger.”

//Ryan O’Neal

Sleeping At Last

“Cole’s creative approach to what it means to follow Jesus will help shift how you see the world and then propel you into a new level of effectiveness and purpose in your identity and calling.”

//Carlos Whittaker

Author of Moment Maker

“When the Church re-embraces our identity as artists and creative people, we will be filled with a new hope for what the world can look like. Spiritual Innovation ushers us into the power of possessing the image of the Creator and what it means for the world. Cole not only talks about faith and creativity, he lives it out in his love for the Church and the world.”

//Jeremy Cowart

Photographer, Founder of Help-Portrait and OKDOTHIS

“Listening to Cole think and talk through spiritual innovation is inspiring. With wide eyes Cole leads to beautiful ideas, not settling for the norm, and being more like Jesus...incarnational. Read this with an open heart, open ears, and get ready to see what God is doing and join Him.”

//Charlie Hall

Songwriter and Worship Leader

“Cole’s fresh look at spiritual innovation is both inspiring and life-giving. Rooted in a revolutionary faith that has withstood the test of time, this book offers a timely reminder and pathway to embrace the future that God has designed for us to enjoy.”

//Charles Lee

CEO of Ideation & Author of Good Idea. Now What?

“Cole possesses the heart of both an artist and a pastor. You’ll find no better merging of the two as he introduces us to the groundbreaking concept of spiritual innovation.”

//Ben Arment

Author of Dream Year

“When there is much to risk, innovation tends to be the first to go. But when we have nothing to lose, innovation becomes central. I believe this book is timely to address the need to risk for the sake of the Gospel again.”

//Tyler Reagin

Executive Director, Catalyst

“My friend Cole has asked challenging questions at key moments in my life. His honesty is what I admire most. This book is much the same - Cole leading the way, wrestling with the possibility of things looking different, willing to ask the questions.”

//Jamie Tworkowski

Founder of To Write Love on Her Arms

Religion & Spirituality
23 September
Portland House Publishing