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It's been over a year since my first taste of blood, since I've learned what it means to truly evolve in order to survive. I'm not proud of what I've become, but I'll do what I have to in order to remain on the pedestal I've been placed on. Hardened, determined, calculated, my motivation rests on the eternal satisfaction of one man, and I've gotten damn good at keeping it up. I can no longer afford to crumble like before. Mistakes are not acceptable and anything less than absolute perfection is deserving of the severe condemnation that follows. But as I develop deeper into this demanding role, I can feel a shift in the wind. Nothing ever stays the same for very long when it comes to this world. Alliances change, enemies expand, and trust is questioned. When everything is dependent upon the strength and brutality of your character, what happens when the one person you thought was beneath you is on the verge of becoming your equivalent?

I’d never been so satisfied in my life. In the course of a year, I took the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and molded her into a miniature machine of focus, death, and more sex appeal than I could have ever imagined. She was near perfection in all its forms and her dedication to remain so was impressive …if not endearing. Jaden was worthy of everything I wanted to lay at her feet, but as I watched her wear the crown, like usual, I had underestimated how well she would wear it, how well she would wear me. And with the growing threats of my enemies, I needed to make sure that her crown was bulletproof to everyone. Everyone except me. Because it didn’t matter how well she could evolve, one thing would always remain the same. She was mine in every sense of the word. Till death do us part.

WARNING: Contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.

*NOTE: For every book that is sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that benefits victims of human trafficking.*

Crime & Thrillers
October 29
Jay Marie

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