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This book provides an informative and comprehensive overview of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that are currently used incontemporary dermatology, and it is intended as a guide to introduce readers to the plethora of options that have now reached themarket, all of which are designed to enhance, restore and rejuvenate your appearance, with minimal downtime and impressiveresults.

The first chapter talks about why you should take care of your beauty now, and it also provides an overview of some of the newestinnovations in cosmetic dermatology. The book then goes on to discuss the fascinating science of beauty, based on universalmathematical principles and contemporary research findings.

Sun protection is discussed with priority, because it remains the number one cause of premature aging, so I have dedicated anentire chapter to sun protection early in the book to provide readers with a thorough education about what they need to know andexactly what they need to be doing in regards to protecting their skin from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. There is an additionalchapter about skincare, which provides thorough guidelines about what skincare products readers should be using for their skintype. Another chapter then talks about specific types of cosmetic concerns and the non-invasive options that are currentlyavailable to address each type of skin concern. This discussion also specifies procedures that might be useful for patientsaccording to their age (from their twenties to into their fifties, and beyond).

Subsequent chapters provide a detailed explanation about Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, photofacials, radio frequencytreatments, infrared and personal LED Treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling and PRP, and non-invasive fat removal procedures, their uses, limitations, contraindications, advantages, what to expect during treatment, anddiscussions of each type of treatment also cover important questions for readers to ask their skincare specialists beforecommitting to any procedure.

The book concludes with a series of frequently asked questions, and finally, a discussion about the future of cosmetic dermatology.

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November 19
Linda Rank