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Two crime scenes. Same victim.
Detectives Alexander and Zero are stuck in a crumbling illusion. They are dismissed as a failed experiment and a mistake. Existing in the shadow of sorrow, intriguing distractions are used to hide something more sinister. Every crime scene was a staged decoy, a distraction to prevent them from searching for the missing victims and to hide the real reason behind the deception. When the decoy and the real victim are found hours apart, their world starts to unravel. As the violence escalates, the unstable minds that are so dependant on the organised chaos start to spiral out of control.

When questions are the enemy, lies are the new truth.
In a futuristic world built on deceit the only freedom is an imagined one. A ruthless doctor with an institution that preys on the vulnerable, creates disturbed patients to continue the cycle of abuse. The ones who perpetuate the lie are rewarded while the troublemakers are tormented then killed. Alexander, a failed experiment that can see beyond the illusion, tries to help others before they succumb to the doctor's torture. From a young age, he was traumatised by the doctor's experiments. Every month she makes him relieve the moment his family were brutally slaughtered.
Zero, a mysterious orphan abandoned in Aves Atrium the night of a huge fire, struggles to find a position within the chaos. Her ancestors were decimated because they refused to obey. Left to fend for herself in a world that sees her as a mistake. Every moment could to be her last.

Erase Book 2. Word Count: 60,373.

Fiction & Literature
November 20
Heidy Hardaker

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