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The Cerik raiders failed in their attack on Earth, blasted by the radiation flare from a nearby supernova.  Two heroes from Star Time stopped them, but not without being captured themselves.  The Cerik were great predators and horrible engineers -- and they’d killed off the slave race that had given them all of their technology.  Abe and Sharon of Texas agreed to serve their captors in exchange for their lives, but Tenthonad, the leader, wanted more, a whole new race of Builders to replace the slave race that they had exterminated.

These tales are from the first few generations of the U’tanse, this new branch of humanity. Psychically gifted, they were raised as slaves on a planet where their overseers are bloodthirsty predators and the even the air is poisonous.

Genesis: The survivors from Earth must choose to accept their lot and bring telepathic children into a hostile world to be slaves of the monsters.

Mercy Run: James, the first boy born without telepathy in a world where everyone else could read him, has to save the life of a girl who was too telepathic.

Bones: Karl, abandoned to die as too expensive to rescue, has to survive without being detected—no free U'tanse could be tolerated!

Festival Girl: Debbie, sent off to Festival where girls were swapped to keep inbreeding low, has to choose between a new life with another clan, or to leave with a strange man who offers an alternative on a secret project.

Tales of the U’tanse begins the star-spanning branch of The Project Saga. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 15
Wire Rim Books

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