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Ready to come back to the 35th century? We’re waiting for you. Tales of the Vuduri is a daily blog, to date over 1500 entries long, examining the amazing world of the 35th century first described in the novel Rome’s Revolution. The first three volumes of Tales of the Vuduri explored only a portion of the background and future history leading up to the Rome’s Revolution trilogy and its sequel, The Milk Run. Tales of the Vuduri: Year Four follows on the heels of those successful first three compilations with 370 brand new essays about our 21st century hero, Rei Bierak and his beautiful 35th century Vuduri wife, Rome and their children, Aason and Lupe. This volume finishes up a detailed breakdown of the latter part of the first novel and dives into the beginning of The Ark Lords. Interspersed between these sections are many articles highlighting today’s emerging breakthroughs in technology, physics, chemistry and science in general. Included in this collection are posts regarding Elon Musk’s expanding use of solar power, an examination of how robots see, free will versus predestination, gravity waves, zero point energy and much, much more. Also included are previews of The Vuduri Companion, a compilation of short stories and novelettes filling in more backstories  of the Vuduri universe, the blackest substance on Earth and hexagons on Saturn.  Like the first three years of Tales of the Vuduri, these essays should be amusing, thought-provoking and give you more insight into the fascinating world of Rome’s Revolution and The Milk Run. So come back to the 35th century and be amazed at what you find there.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 12
Michael L. Brachman

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