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All his life Michael Taqgrin wanted to be a merchant like his father. That dream was shattered when enemies of his family murdered his father and had Michael accused of a crime he did not commit. Sentence to be a slave, his enemies thought that was the last of Michael Taqgrin. They did not figure he would survive the toils of slavery and save the life of Prince Stanna of Pangoria. Freed from slavery and unable to become a merchant, Taqgrin became a soldier, a very good soldier. Through the various wars, Taqgrin rose to become Pangorian greatest general and hero. His enemy feared the one they called the King’s Hangman. Taqgrin with the help of his men the Unwanteds save Pangoria from internal and external threats. Because of his action in stopping the Xanian War, Michael Taqgrin was given highest honor his nation could bestow on a person, the Hero of the Nation Award. With that Award, the recipient could ask the king for one thing within reason. Now Taqgrin could get his desire to be a merchant. Instead King Karl made Taqgrin Lord of Westforia, Pangoria’s most western province, a land full of problems. Not afraid of his new task, Michael Taqgrin gathered men from his former command and their families to trek across to their new homeland. The trek will not be easy, as Taqgrin’s enemies will use everything at their disposal to destroy him including a dragon. Taqgrin has a further problem of a dream of four women. These four women from different walks of life nobles, magic user or pleasure slave could be the one to share his life with. One of those possible women is on the wagon train, but she might also be there to destroy him. Will Taqgrin be up to his greatest test?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 20
Paul Stadinger

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