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From Behind The Black Book of the American Intelligence Community comes this Non-Fiction. The Question of, "If We Are Alone in the Universe" is Answered.

From inside The Human Quantum Leap:

"...When I asked Josh what he thought the body was he would only answer that, “it wasn’t human.” When I asked the most obvious question; “was it an alien?” Josh was silent for a moment, then nodding his head yes..."

"...The book of John is my best analysis of answers to questions and conversations that primarily happened over a period of about five years just before Josh’s death. We did have many serious conversations going back into the 1980's but nothing like the last five years. Once he knew he was dying I think Josh gave up caring about what he shared with me..."

"...The craft moved out of its hanger. It floats right past Josh as one of the tall strange looking ones came up alongside him. Josh was too stunned to notice. That was until this man began to speak. “I imagine sergeant you find this overwhelming,” he asked..."

“…It’s not really black…,” John began to explain. It is just that John’s blood had ten times as many red blood cells as do normal humans. The density of these cells made it look black but it really is not..."

"...A planet’s magnetosphere transmits information into the gravity well that relative to its mass. This information is also transmitted into open space. No two magnetospheres are alike. However, they do change in ways that suggest a planet’s mass and even the chemical make-up of the planet across incredible distances..."

This is a book about the reasons why things happen the way they do. It is about why and how we are visited; what motivates these visitors and how Josh and I got involved with John.

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August 8
AJ Ensor

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