The Modern American Frugal Housewife Books #1-4: Complete Series

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Get this entire "Modern American Frugal Housewife" Series!

Book #1: Home Economics

Are you looking for ideas on how to lower your living expenses?
Home Economics doesn't have to be difficult.
Inspired by Lydia Maria Francis Child's 1833 book, "The American Frugal Housewife", this book is written for the MODERN American Frugal Housewife in mind.
Tips on how to lower insurance costsHow to avoid bank feesHow to reduce household costsHow to cut your food expensesLive more on less! Includes money-stretching recipes like: homemade bread, homemade mayo, how to make at least 3 different meals out of 1 whole chicken, how to use rolled oats to make instant oats as well as recipes for homemade cleaning products!
Book #2: Organic Gardening
Are you looking for ideas on how to lower your food costs or start a new hobby?
Why not do both at the same time and start a mini backyard homestead and create an edible garden?
Gardening is a wonderful activity and organic edible gardening is a thrifty way to help to reduce your food costs while providing you with healthy, nutritious food.
• Good herbs and vegetables to plant for the frugal kitchen
• How to make your own compost and compost tea
• How to make organic pesticides
• Where to find cheap or free plants and seeds
• How to save seeds for future plantings
• Recipes

Book #3: Moms Edition
Are you are new or soon-to-be mommy looking for ideas on how to lower child-rearing costs?

Having children is great but they can be expensive if you don't watch your costs.
• Ideas on how to save on pre-natal costs.
• How to get free or cheap formula if you're not breastfeeding.
• Reduce your chemical load - Includes recipes on how to make DIY personal care products like soap and lip balm.

This book will also teach you extreme couponing techniques to get the best or even money making deals at stores like Target (for food, diapers and more), Staples (for school supplies) and Kohl's (for clothes and household items).
Bonus: An extra tip on where you can get BRAND NEW age-appropriate books sent to your child (under age 5) every month at NO cost to you! 

Book #4: Emergency Prepping

If you can survive in the arctic naked with nothing but a paperclip, this book is not for you.
If you can kill a grizzly bear with your bare hands, this book is not for you.
If you're planning for a Zombie Apocalypse or the next Ice Age, this book is not for you.
If you're just a regular person looking for practical realistic emergency bug-in prepping tips, ideas and tactics that you can use TODAY, this book IS for you.
How can you replace gallons of chlorine bleach (for water treatment) with just 1lb of this chemical?How do you ration water when supply is limited?How can you stop bleeding with an easy-to-grow plant?How can you develop the best defense in a bug-in situation for little monetary cost?
Get all these questions answered and more. Written by a homesteader, this book offers practical bug-in frugal prepping ideas with the regular Joanne (or Joe) in mind. It cuts through general prepper paranoia and offers sustainable, frugal tips on how to make yourself more resilient even if TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) never comes.

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