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A dirty bomb set deep in the bowels of Madison Square Garden fails to explode due to a faulty detonator, an act that enrages newly-elected President of the United States, Robert Williams. Determined to fight terrorists, and protect his country and its citizens at any reasonable cost, President Williams decides to drop what he considers the "Marquis of Queensberry Rules" and moves ahead three weeks later with a risky plan. But first, he needs help from an old friend from the Marine Corps, Captain Richard Starr.

Starr has the perfect weapon to help the president in the war against terrorism: Sergeant Marvin Styles, a well-seasoned one-off USMC recon/scout sniper whose mission has been simple—to kill the enemy by any means available. Aiding Styles and Starr will be former 'Top Gun' fighter pilot J. C. Christman and arguably the world's best computer hacker, Darlene Phillips. Williams hides the quartet of experts under the umbrella of his newly-formed Department of the Presidential Office, which is tasked with filtering terrorist information gathered by worldwide intelligence agencies and then reporting its findings directly to Williams. With the foursome's agenda declared, only two mission perimeters are set—to not get caught, or kill innocent people.

In this uniquely written political/terrorism thriller, a group of experts learning how to function as a team, and acting on direct orders from the President of the United States, must do everything in their power to not only validate the president's decision, but to rock the world of terrorism in a manner that clearly emphasizes the rules have changed.

Crime & Thrillers
May 11
Russ Snyder

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