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A whirlwind adult adventure through a cosmos populated with double-dealing aliens, gorgeous girls, who are never what they seem, and technology gone wrong. There are laughs, tragedies, loves, ales and naughty bits.
Tom $mith (sic) wakes after an accident to find he has mislaid a load of years, his body and a whole universe. In search of his lost love, he becomes the universal commuter into different dimensions. He sees what has happened to London after a Second World War that went on rather too long, and his beloved Scotland becoming independent, finds out what became of Atlantis, and has to perform daily duties in a stud farm for people... and all with a headache which may spell the end of him.
The Mob are now in charge, controlling the population through drugs in the water supply and in the newsprint, and people are disappearing off the streets if they try to resist.
A liberation force from the US, spoiling to try out some new kit, joins the fray, and very nearly causes another Armageddon, before Tom and a pint of ale come to the rescue.
One of the problems with hopping between universes is that there is a slim chance you can meet yourself. That cannot be allowed to happen of course, and so it does, exactly at the point where the whole fabric of space and time is due to collapse.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
22 February
Robert Wingfield

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