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FOUR aggressive burglar gang erotica stories that leave these ravaged women seeded, plowed and PUMPED FULL!

These men are cold hard criminals that take what they want, when they want. They have nothing to lose when they see these gorgeous women. These gangs go at it hard and without protection.

Includes the bestselling Prison Gangs Pumped Me Full in the Infirmary, Ravaged by Strangers on Easter, and the latest bestselling erotica story: Ravaged by the Gang in Prison!

Prison Gangs Pumped Me Full in the Infirmary
The aggressive prison gang found Jezebel hiding out in the infirmary. After she has been plowed, ravaged and pumped FULL by THIRTEEN men, will she be able to take on the most alpha of them all?

Jezebel, the nurse, finds herself in the midst of a jailbreak in an all-male prison. She knows they’ve been watching her. There’s nothing like a sexy woman amidst so many men.
Unfortunately for Jezebel, these tattooed aggressive violent men take advantage of the situation and pump her full over and over hard and without protection.
Little did these men know, but Jezebel has been watching them too. She dreams about them plowing, stretching and filling her until each man is drained of every last drop.

What happens to Jezebel when the gang is finished? Can she muster up enough strength to take on the biggest strongest alpha prisoner?

Ravaged by the Gang in Prison
The guards turned out the lights and opened the cells. I heard one of them yell, “Playtime boys!”
Jess, the only women in an all-male prison finds herself surrounded by a prison gang late at night after the guards open all the cells.
Pent up for way too long these men find Jess to be a suitable toy for them to play with hard and without protection.

What happens when the lights go out? Can she handle thirteen men?

Ravaged by Strangers on Easter
Emily’s Easter was much different this year. She was bound, pounded and used – but she loved it.
After a long week at work Emily kicks back to relax for the holiday. Much to her surprise, she finds several men in the basement wanting more than just to steal a few things.

What happens when Emily is railed and hammered beyond her wildest imagination with multiple men? This hot and heavy, deep and without protection sort of time isn’t what she’s used to. Can she even walk straight after this?

Ravaged by the Groomsmen
My wedding day was all planned out. What I didn’t expect were all the groomsmen bending me over in front of my fiancée…
Finally its Jill’s wedding day. The bells were ringing and the white dress ready to go. Unfortunately for Jill, the groomsmen had a different plan in mind.
They wanted her hard and without protection before her fiancée could have his turn with her.

What happens when Jill sees all the groomsmen walk into the changing room with bulging groins? Will Jill be too sore from the pounding to be able to continue with the ceremony? Can she even walk straight down the aisle after being penetrated, plugged and pounded all afternoon?

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December 3
Jezebel Rose

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