Unusual Mate : Sci-Fi Alien Romance Collection

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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Alien Colony

Excited to start filming of her latest movie in a remote area, famous actress Lindy Miles had no idea she would end up living with extraterrestrial beings on an uncharted island that wasn't recorded on any map. From living like a star, she ends up becoming a servant for the community of aliens as they prepare for battle.

Prince Kristan is busy leading his people on the island and training the soldiers rigorously to ensure their victory against a union of evil aliens that had once wiped out most of their planet. He'd become so pressured by the King's expectations that he has forgotten about developing meaningful relationships with his people.

When the two meet, it was a clash from the beginning. Nevertheless, the growing physical attraction between them was undeniable. For the first time in her life, Lindy felt herself falling in love. It was just her luck that it was with an alien who detested her—or so she thought.

Soon they find themselves beginning to care for each other. But when Lindy finally gets her only chance to go home, she has to choose between going back to her old life or helping save the community she had grown to love as her family.

Can she turn her back on these people and risk destroying what her beloved had worked so hard for? Will she choose to help the prince with his mission even if he doesn't seem to love her back?

Healing the Alien's Heart

Doctor Raven Glass is an expert in alien medicine and is called to the planet of Xulara to help its dying queen. With all of the planet's resources at her disposal she is able to nurse queen Ozhenia back to health, but snagged the heart of the prince along the way.

With things heating up between Prince Eoch and the doctor, all seems on the up and up until the king returns to find things not as he wished. Determined to have his son live the life he wants, he banishes Dr. Glass back to Earth where she is bearing much more than a broken heart.

With the heir of the Xularese throne kicking inside her womb, Raven Glass must choose to either keep it a secret, or to fight for her rightful place in the royal family and face the wrath of the king. Either way, she needed to know if Prince Eoch was going to stand by her side. By the end of it all, she'll get the answers she's looking for plus much more than she ever imagined possible. Hopefully a happily ever after in love will be in the stars as Raven races through the galaxy with forever in her sights and in her heart.

Sweet Cyborg

One coin will give Adrienne the happiness of a lifetime. But what happens when she matches with someone outside of this social norm?

Earth. Year 5678. Couples are joined together by union machines which match them based on 98% compatibility. Adrienne has yet to use these machines even though her best friend and her boss have been pressuring to do it. When her boss hands her a galactic coin for the machine, she concedes. Maybe her mundane cycle of work and sleep would be more bearable with a partner.

At the machines, she clumsily drops the coin on the ground and bumps heads with a complete stranger—a rather handsome stranger with a cybernetic arm. He asks her to coffee. Even though social norm dictates their matches must come from the machine, Adrienne accepts his offer and they connect immediately.

Their connection is disrupted when Adrienne receives an email from the Federation matching her with someone else. When Leo discovers this match, their bond is nearly destroyed—and Adrienne must make a choice.

24 September
Anna Lewis

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