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Can a feisty security agent who hates taking orders and a covert ops specialist who has something to prove, put aside their own differences and their own agendas long enough to uncover the secrets of Windswept Heights?

Blackthorne, Inc. medic Glenn "Hotshot" McCade itches to get away from what he considers milk run assignments after being injured on a previous op. Does the boss think Hotshot can’t pull his weight on a real mission anymore? What are a few nightmares? Nothing he can't handle. Aches and pains? He’s had worse. When he's given an "eyes-on" only mission, and paired with a woman—a part-timer who works Security, not Covert Ops—he worries that his future with Blackthorne, Inc. is on the line. Is she there to evaluate his performance? The mission? Simple. Locate a woman, believed to be at a super-private secret compound for the rich and famous in Colorado, and report back. Nothing more. His cover? Pretend to be a filthy-rich, arrogant adventurer and infiltrate the compound. But inside the mysterious Windswept Heights, he finds a lot more than his target. Should he stick to the rules, or follow his gut?

Olivia Fairbanks is content with her two part-time jobs. She's a Physician's Assistant in an all-female practice, and works Security for Blackthorne, Inc. After growing up forced to believe her only function in life is to be the subservient wife of a rancher or farmer, she's finally recognized she’s any man’s equal. When Mr. Blackthorne summons her for a new assignment, she's surprised to find it's a Covert Ops job, albeit a simple one. Her role is to masquerade as an assistant to one of the Blackthorne Covert Ops team members, but she reminds herself that she's second-fiddle to him only for the purpose of this assignment. It's her cover, not her life. Still, old feelings of resentment and inadequacy surface. Before long, their simple mission turns into something far more complex, and with much deadlier consequences. Will she convince Hotshot McCade to accept her as his partner? And can she deal with the romantic feelings springing up between them?

Watch as things heat up in this sixth book in Terry Odell’s popular Blackthorne, Inc. action adventure romance series. Hotshot, the team medic, is paired with Olivia, whom readers might remember from Danger in Deer Ridge. The action will leave you as breathless as the high-altitude Rocky Mountain setting.

October 27
Terry Odell

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