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Three bad boy British rockstars (and one all-American charmer) re-build the wreckage of their bad-ass band, and meet the fierce women who become their biggest fans. The complete 4-book rockstar romance series!



I need to discover a band, and sign them - fast.

I didn't expect to find Wreckage. And I definitely didn't want to find Ewan Boyd.

The Scottish bad boy's temper has already burned me once. 

He f*cked me over. He got me fired. He's the worst kind of mistake. 

But he plays his guitar like a god and he plays my body even better. 

I know I can build him up to be a huge success again. 

I just have to keep myself from falling apart. 


When the sh*t hit the fan and my band disintegrated, I was ready to walk away. 

Until she walked into the room.

I was ready to give up on everything I'd worked for, but I'm not going to give up Celia Silver. 

She wants to work with me. She wants a "business relationship." 

But my only business plan is hearing her scream my name. 

I'm not a flash in the pan. I'm no f*cking "one hit wonder."

I've got a second chance at rock stardom. 

But she's got to take a chance on me first.


August's got a mouth on her. With that fiery red hair, freckles, and fierce scowl, she orders us around like she owns us. And the rest of the band seems fine with letting her run the show. 

But not me. 

She might be our manager, but there's no way she can manage me. She thinks falling for a musician is a mistake. 

I'm going to be the best mistake she'll ever make.


When something slammed into me at band rehearsal, I wasn't expecting it to be a woman that landed on top of me.

And I definitely wasn't expecting it to be a woman like Reese Bailey.

My blue-eyed, backwoods angel is the exact opposite of what I should want. 

After all, I'm the millionaire rockstar bassist of Wreckage whose family owns one of the largest estates in England, and she's a tough-talking American country girl and the only female roadie on our crew. 

She's not what I wanted.

But she's exactly what I need. 

Now what I need is to bruise her lips with mine and feel her body quiver as I make her moan.

But she's holding back. She's scared of something and I need to know what it is.

Because I want all of her.

Even her secrets.



I stumbled into rock stardom and it's given me everything I ever wanted.

Except her. 

My bandmate's little sister.

She's off limits. I know this. But I can't stay away.

When I laid her lush body beneath mine, we both swore this was the last time. 

I had no idea it was also her first. 


My brother knows something is up.

We have to watch our step. We have to be careful. 

We have to stop taking these crazy risks. 

One wrong move and we lose everything. One single slip up and it's the end of Wreckage...


June 13
LuxLife Publishing

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