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They say you never forget your first kiss. Well, I did. Somewhere in the mix of random guys and hookups, the memory of a soft kiss on a hot summer afternoon slipped away from me. That was until the night he walked into my dad’s bar looking for a job.

We can get back to that in a minute…

My parents are Charlotte and Augustus Caffrey. After a few years of marriage, they were blessed with a set of twins. Me and my brother. I got the red hair and fiery spirit while my brother, First, came out blond with a flair for poetic angst. I’m Wren, by the way, and clearly the supreme sibling. Although my brother was named after our dad, I’m inheriting my family’s bar. The Dog House has been handed down to each Augustus in our family for generations. Until me and rightfully so. While other little girls were playing dress up and house, I was serving up apple juice boxes like they were pints of Guinness to the neighborhood kids behind a makeshift bar set up in my parents’ front yard. All I’ve ever wanted was to tend the bar like my dad and his before him.

Nothing’s changed for me. Meanwhile, everyone else has managed to get married and start having babies. I’m not resentful about that in the least. A little bored maybe, now that I’m the only single in the mix of pairs but I’m happy for them. They believe in love. 

Me, not so much…

Which brings us back to my first kiss and the guy who gave it to me, sitting at a corner table, across from me at my bar.

1 June
Broken Bird Media

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