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Avatar Meher Baba born Merwan Sheriar Irani, was an Indian God-Realised master of Zoroastrian Persian origin who declared publicly in 1954 that He is the Avatar (God-Incarnate) of this age.   The saying "Don’t worry Be Happy" was mentioned by Him in 1960s to a group of Baba lovers in Pune. He said "I am God in human form. Be prepared to obey me with all willingness.  I bestow the gift of love as and when I like. Better leave it to my will and pleasure." 

He maintained silence for 42 years. By His unique hand gestures He communicated in silence with His disciples and devotees:  “When I drop my body,

I will remain in all who love me. I can never die. Love me, obey me, and you will find me.”… On His tomb shrine marble in Meherabad is inscribed: "I Have Come Not To Teach But To Awaken." 

At His tomb popularly known as Samadhi devotees and Baba lovers cross the threshold to accept all conditions of their pilgrimage as the prasad given to them by their Beloved Lord.  Long time Baba lover Homyar J. Mistry-Homz had opportunity to meet close disciples of Baba known as mandali. Samadhi structure is not just a grave of Master but very alive place and Baba shows HIS presence in innumerable ways which are captured by Homyar Mistry and illustrated in The Samadhi Coffee Table Book. The Book reflects God’s words and its pages a pilgrimage. 

Homyar’s colourful book carries the tittle of Meher Baba’s words: "A yogi’s meditation ends in Samadhi…while meditation done out of love ends in Union…" The Book leaves the reader spellbound of Avatar Meher Baba’s greatness as God.

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May 21
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