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This is a "MUST READ" book for everyone who is new to Gold and Silver Investing.

The book is primarily written for people who are new or somewhat new to precious metals investing and want to learn the basics of how the industry works and how to make smarter and more informed buying decisions.

You will discover the very best way to buy physical gold & silver without getting ripped off. In this entertaining book I reveal 14 industry secrets that will give YOU the upper hand when dealing with gold and silver brokers and dealers. Now you can understand how they play the game, and make sure you win every time.

This book gets right to the point. There's no fluff. It's written for the beginner to intermediate experienced precious metals investor and is packed with real-market information that you can put into place immediately.

If you only get one idea from this book, it could save you thousands on your gold & silver purchases. When you are armed with this information, YOU will have the power when buying precious metals, not your broker.

You will discover:
-- How the broker system works and how the game is played.
-- Why price is so important. Don't allow yourself to be fooled.
-- How to decide in advance what you want to buy and don't allow yourself to be sold.
-- How to spot all of the hidden fees and avoid them.
-- Promotions and gimmicks, how to spot them and how to avoid getting ripped off by them.
-- Is it better to buy gold, or is silver a better investment?
-- What to look for and watch out for so you will be able to buy metals at the best possible prices.
-- Should you buy coins, bars, bags of junk silver, foreign metals or what?
-- Can the government really confiscate your gold?
-- Are all types of precious metals purchases reportable?
-- What is the best way to dollar cost average when buying gold and silver?
-- What is the best way to sell your gold and silver?

At the end of the book, I will reveal to you the least expensive place I know of to buy gold and silver at the very lowest prices.

If you are new to gold and silver investing you owe it to yourself to read this short book. Not knowing this information can cost you a lot. Learning the hard way is expensive.

This book makes it easy to understand and reveals the little known tips and tricks that will help you win when it comes to purchasing gold and silver.

Don't wait another second. Scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button and get started the right way on your personal gold and silver investment plan right now. It's simply too important to wait.

Business & Personal Finance
October 31
Doyle Shuler

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