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The final novel in the exciting Zombie Dawn trilogy that follows the outbreak of a deadly worldwide Zombie plague. This epic finale concludes the story ten years on from Zombie Dawn Outbreak. Very few communities remain and those left are the hardiest and most resolute. This book tells the final bloody fight for survival that will determine the future for mankind.

Across the globe the final bastions of humanity hang on by a thread. In Europe the last great fortified town is besieged by the largest zombie horde that has been seen since the outbreak. Every last weapon and round of ammunition is used in a battle of epic proportions and can only end in total defeat for one side. In the United States, after being forced from their homes many years before, the survivors of the town of Babylon lead a nomadic lifestyle and have reached Mexico. With only a small number remaining and little more than their horses and hand weapons, the bedraggled group go in search of water. With little hope or morale left, they fight for every second of life. In the southern hemisphere the Flotilla has fought and struggled for ten years but it is now time for them to settle down. After making contact with a new community they decide to risk it all in one last gamble. As the fleet leaves on their final voyage they receive the terrible news. The island, their last best hope for survival is under a massive attack by the walking dead. Only quick and decisive action can save the day and give them the future they have worked so many years for.

Part of the Zombie Dawn series of short stories and full length novels that chart the events of Zombie Apocalypse throughout the world. This series is written by the renowned authors of the ZOMPOC manuals ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ and ‘Weapons & Tactics for the Zombie Apocalypse’.

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February 10
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