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Volume 31 is a continuation of Volume 30. It's a republication of "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 31. it covers news articles of Psychic Significance for 7/19 of 2014. It cites how scientists noticed that all the Sunspots on the surface of the Sun disappeared on 7/17 of 2014 on the day I didn't publish. It also cites Alex Pettyfer getting into a fight with bodybuilders a day after I cited "Beastly." This volume is especially unique because it cites calendar dates from a publication in 2013 of 2/27 and 6/6 that aligns with a baseball interference call regarding Denard Span born 2/27 and Anthony Rendon born 6/6. Gallium 1 is regarding the previous volume city "Beastly" with Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. Gallium 2 is about the calendar dates for when Sunspots were no longer seen on the Sun causing the star to go quiet. Chapter 1 is regarding a floating fireball of UFOs. Chapter 2 is regarding the President vs. the Attorney General Kamala [Redacted]. Chapter 3 is regarding James Marsden as Cyclops. Chapter 4 is regarding Sam Telling Frodo about fighting for what's good in the world. Chapter 5 is about the Gold Inflation. Chapter 6 is about Game of Thrones. Chapter 7 is about the Diary of Anne Frank. Chapter 8 is about the Sun's Magnetic Heartbeat. Chapter 9 is about knowing my content is crap. Chapter 10 is about Belgium Model's pinched butt. Chapter 11 is about the state trooper fired for letting a congressman off the hook. Gallium 3 is a wrap-up regarding an interferencce call in baseball.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
July 19
Rod Island
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