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ERROR to the District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. The plaintiff in error filed his petition in the court below, averring that he was a citizen of and resident of the state of Ohio, claiming that the defendant, Amos Webb, who was also averred to be a citizen and resident of the state of Louisiana, with Mary Ann Smith, in her own capacity, and also as tutrix to Catharine Smith and Sarah Smith, minor children and heirs of Jedediah Smith, who was deceased, and whom the said Mary Ann, as his widow, survived, having since his death, intermarried with Ira Smith, who was, therefore, the tutor of said children, all of whom, also, were citizens of and resident in the state of Louisiana, were jointly and severally indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of $4866.93 1/2, besides interest and costs. The plaintiff averred, that said indebtedness depended upon the following facts: In 1815, the petitioner, the plaintiff, and one James H. Ficklin, formed a copartnership, and did business in the parish of Feliciana, in the state of Louisiana, under the name of McMicken & Ficklin; that on or about the 8th of September 1817, the partnership was dissolved by mutual consent; and the stock of merchandise then on hand, the said Ficklin agreed to take to his own account, and to pay for one-half of the same to the petitioner, at the original cost, with the addition of five per centum; to conclude which agreement, the said Ficklin thereupon executed the note of which the following is a copy:

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