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This book takes a look at the biblical character of Jezebel and her antics.It unveils her modus operandi in a bid to draw lessons that people can use to identify the nature of people who have 'jezebelic' tendencies. Wherever there is a Jezebel there is an Ahab, this occurs a lot in relationships where the balance of power in skewed. It maybe in a work situation, church or even plain relationships. This book will help you make healthy boundaries that can safeguard your future and purpose. You will be able to see a situation for what it is, you will not remain silent anymore should you find yourself in a circumstance where there is Jebellic influence.

It also covers things that one must consider before becoming part of any church. One of them is Vision, you will be surprised by many people who are suffering in churches needlessly because they are in church that is going in one direction and they are going in another. Many people go to church but 'bag' their pastors or leadership because when they joined they didnt make sure that the Vision of the church is in sync with who they are becoming. This book is drawn from experience and also from talking to many people across the globe. There is a general frustration among many people regarding the church. There are a number of reasons in that. One of the key things the book looks at is the foundation of church. It sheds light on some key aspects of foundation that includes covenants etc.

For single,save yourself grieve. Discover the three warning signs that you could be dating a 'Jezebel' before its too late. Many marriages are in total meltdown because someone ignored the warning signs of an abuser who usually operates with a spirit of Jezebel.Many men are being tormented in marriages, because they allowed themselves to be dominated, manipulated and controlled in the dating process. The same applies to many women who are being manipulated and controlled. This book also looks at any indepth analysis of the Gittany case and lessons that can be drawn from the judge's statement. Key things that are paramount to identifying an abuser. Healthy boundaries are the best when it comes to relationships Discover that being manipulated and controlled is not God's best for you, discover the tactics of Jezebel and find the right solution for you, you have an uncommon destiny!

Religión y espiritualidad
junio 2
Wisdom Mupudzi
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