Kriya Yoga Foundations: Learn About The Various Kriya Yoga Foundations

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Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice which hastens the spiritual evolution . There has been for a long time a tradition of secrecy and mystique around it . We live in times of technology . People can’t restrain their curiosity; therefore it’s is better to reveal the correct techniques so people don’t experiment with wrong information .

Although it is best and ideal to learn from a traditional Kriya Yoga teacher who has been sanctioned by his Guru and has the blessing of the lineage of masters but for those who do not have the access to a teacher , one can regard Babaji as their guru and ask him for the blessings to do kriya yoga practice .

This book will be mainly focussed on the techniques and not much on the theoretical aspects . We will first go into a brief history , followed by guidelines and the details of the techniques. I have learned under two lineages of kriya yoga .

Regardless some orthodox kriya yogis will condemn my efforts to share this divine knowledge . I have lots of love for them because although they mean good but they are slightly conditioned and trapped with the chains of orthodoxy and rigidity . I do not disagree totally with them ; Since having a living kriya yoga guru is the best and ideal situation . But the question is how many sincere teachers there are and whether people in the west who are serious seekers have any access to the various kriya yoga foundations

Love and Blessings to all ..

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4 de marzo
Zack Hanft
Sandra Ward