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Beautiful African-American Jordan is quite happy spending most of her free time hanging with her dog Minnie. She doesn’t need a girlfriend. Her life is just fine as it is.

Jordan’s life begins to change one early Sunday morning when Minnie meets Arrow, a golden retriever, at the dog park, and Jordan meets Arrow’s owner, a sexy woman with pale translucent skin and hazel eyes. Minnie likes Arrow. Jordan slowly realizes that she likes Arrow’s owner even more. She has to find her again, even though she doesn’t know her name, and begins to realize that her life will be even better with this woman in her life.

Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same is the third book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book can stand alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

I surprised myself by waking up just before 7 a.m. on Sunday. I woke up at that time during the week but only if my alarm clock went off loudly several times. I hadn’t set an alarm or anything for today. I just woke up. Weird. Minnie was up as soon as I was, wagging her tail. She seemed eager to return for another Sunday morning romp at the dog park. I had taken her there a few times in the evenings during the week, but we hadn’t seen Arrow or Ms. Arrow. She seemed like a regular, but maybe it was only in the mornings.
I yawned. I was as eager to get to the dog park as Minnie was, but I wasn’t sure why. The dog park was fun, mostly because it gave Minnie so much joy, but I did believe that 7 a.m. on a Sunday could officially be classified as ungodly.
As we left, a light, warm summer rain began to fall. Once upon a time, I would have reached for a hat or an umbrella to keep water from touching my hair. This morning the warm water felt good on my bare head. I stopped getting my hair relaxed six years ago, and I hadn’t looked back. I went from getting my chin-length hair chemically treated every six to eight weeks to getting it trimmed short periodically. It made my life far easier. Plus, I could enjoy a light rain like the one that greeted us when we left home without fear over what it would do to my hair. The water felt good.
On approaching the dog park, I saw Ms. Arrow right away. She was standing off to the side while Arrow greeted another dog. We got to the park a little later than we had last Sunday morning, so I was surprised to see that Ms. Arrow, Arrow and the other dog and its owner were the only ones there. Maybe the rain was keeping everyone else away.
I waved to her when she looked my way. “Good morning!” I said as I unlatched the gate and followed Minnie in.
“Hi there,” she said.
Minnie was straining at the leash to greet her new pal, Arrow. I let her off the leash but stayed close to her.
“I guess the rain has kept a lot of people away,” I said as Arrow sniffed Minnie’s butt. The other dog, a mid-sized mutt with grey hair and a big smile, also stopped by to say hello.
She shrugged. “The dogs don’t care. They’ll get their people out. They just won’t stick around as long.” Her coffee today smelled of vanilla again. She wore a pale blue windbreaker, and her long hair was wet and matted around her face. The grey, rainy day did nothing to dim her light brown eyes with touches of green. She still had that just-fell-out-of-bed look from last weekend, but I was starting to think she was beautiful.

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