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This book is (Part One) a collection of Poems about real life experiences. About love, romance, hurt, pain, brain injury, abuse, loss of a parent, God, and the truth about life itself. These poems will make you think, smile, cry, and take a second look at life and the people around you. I can only hope that what I have written will allow people of all ages and genders to relate to them someway or somehow. Ihope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them. Please watch out for (Part Two) coming soon, right after this one. I am including a poem here that I hope will make you think deep about what goes on behind closed doors that no one knows about but the one who is hurt: It is called,
(Without A Sound) Enjoy......

Without a Sound

Many times have I seen the faces of pain and tears, so true,
The faces of women bruised with their eyes black and blue,
The tears of pain clutch their hearts so bad, they want to flee,
Before it gets to the point where they are just a memory.

All of them seek a way out at one time or another,
But once it comes to light he soon will discover,
That she longs to get away from him and break the chains,
For the beatings continue and again your left in the pouring rain.

This time being worse than the last, but you seem to stay,
Looking in the mirror at yourself, not liking it this way,
Your eyes are black and blue and your lips are cut deep,
All that is left now is the pain and you being left to weep.

I kept telling you to get away, for it will get worse each day,
Knowing that I do not approve or like seeing you this way,
Your tears are falling, as your screams get louder, more than before,
This time my dear you had no idea, what was in store.

How I knew it would go too far one day, how you were laid to rest,
Remembering you vividly lying there, how beautiful you were dressed,
That one cold day in December as they lowered you in the ground,
Now being in a better place, you have left without a sound.

David J.

Ficción y literatura
marzo 13
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