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Organik Seeds of Greatness: How to Become a Successful YouTuber & Entrepreneur
Written by: Mr. Organik
Foreword by: Xavier Odili, MD
I told y’all I was gonna tell y’all how to do this. I’m a man of my word, so here it is. The 100% pure Organik fully authorized guide on how to become a superstar through YouTube. Now, since you bought this book, I know that you are dedicated to building your own brand. With the knowledge in this book, you too can fertilize your seeds as they grow roots, nurture the plant into a sturdy tree, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This book is designed to show the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders another path to success. The youth today have been forced into a funnel, focusing on sports and music as their only way to success. When those dreams are shattered, they can lose hope and never dream again. They might find themselves settling for what is instead of striving for what could be. If you aren’t moving forward, then you are going to be stuck in the corporate cycle of servitude. Big corporations want and endless supply of cheap labor. I want to show the rising stars of the future that they can build their own path and reach freedom.

As a young minority growing up in the hood, there weren’t a lot of role models we could look up to. Decades later, the people who hold power in our society continue to limit the images of success that are allowed in the mainstream media. They control what you see so that they can control your dreams. If they limit your imagination, they can maintain the status quo. They don’t want you to use your seeds of imagination to create your own empire because that would threaten their establishments. I wrote this book to help you break through the walls that box you in, to help break the chains of the status quo of economic servitude and help you achieve financial independence.

From the heart of the inner city to the top of the mook, this book describes my journey to break the stereotype I was given and achieve success my own way. As a six-foot six-inch physically fit individual, I’ve always been perceived as only an athlete. If I had a dollar every time someone asked me what team I played for, I’d probably have bought my Wraith a long time ago. By placing professional athletes on a pedestal, society herds our youth toward high school and collegiate sports and away from the true purpose of higher education. College athletes produce a billion-dollar entertainment product without getting a real slice of the pie, or even a seat at the decision-making table.

The other YouTubers aren’t going to tell you how to be successful, but I want the next generation to be great and to achieve their dreams. I’ve given this same advice to a few people before. I won’t tell you their names because they weren’t able to follow through. The information is the first step to success, but you also need to have the determination to act and the persistence to persevere. Like in any profession, a successful career doesn’t materialize after a few months of work. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other pros all spend years grinding before achieving wealth and success. You must be prepared to do the same.

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