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The lectin-free diet appears to be a boring meal to many, but this should not be the case. The lectin-free diet is a diet and not a punishment.

A diet is meant to be enjoyed and that means eating a lot of mouthwatering, delicious dishes that aren't loaded with nutrient-killing, dangerous, human organ-damaging lectins.

Every recipe has a lectin-free version. Yes! Every meal including your best meals – the ones you couldn't do without before deciding to embrace the lectin-free lifestyle.

But unless you're both a professional chef and a nutritionist, you may not really have first-hand knowledge of how to turn the numerous regular dishes that you so love, into lectin-free recipes without flouting the rules and principles of the diet.

Preparing a meal with the instant pot is a different ball game on its own.

The instant pot is a sister to a lectin-free meal. In fact, I'd say they're both Siamese twins. They can't do without the other.

Want to know why?                          

A pressure cooker neutralizes the lectins that are present in foods. This singular act makes them safe for consumption.

So, if you can't imagine living without eating your favorite pinto beans or your potatoes or soybeans, just get the instant pot pressure cooker.

With your pressure cooker, you can eat anything that you crave for even if it is lectin-laden.

This book contains no less than 100 delicious lectin-free recipes that can be prepared with the Instant Pot.

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