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As we begin the new year, we offer you the latest issue of the FGB, Redeem the Time. Octavius Winslow introduces this crucial subject, proclaiming time a solemn, priceless gift. Jonathan Edwards wholeheartedly agrees and reminds us that eternal happiness or misery depends on how we use time. A. A. Hodge then briefly offers definitions of God, time, and eternity. Do we think of time as opportunity? Richard Baxter says yes, we should, and gives numerous reasons to support his answer. Following that, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones calls us to heed Paul’s exhortation to buy up opportunities to serve the Lord Jesus. Baxter, again, is not likely to win many friends among modern Christians as he strongly exposes time thieves that rob us of our precious gift; but you should read him carefully, pray earnestly, and examine your heart by Scripture before you write him off. Lloyd-Jones urges us to recognize the true differences between believers and the lost world, arguing that the way believers use their time should be a witness to the lost. Charles Spurgeon asserts and affirms from Scripture that our time is limited and short: how we use every second matters. Jeremiah Burroughs makes alarmingly clear that our abuse of time may lead to our most dreadful loss—the loss of our never-dying souls for eternity. Finally, Spurgeon declares the good news that Jesus Christ died on Calvary’s cross and rose again to save sinners. But you must believe that astonishing good news now, now, now! So, what time is it, friend? It is time to repent, believe, and be saved; or it is time to serve the Lord Who loved and gave Himself for us. You may not have another day for either. We urge you: make the time to meditate on this vital subject—the last grains of your hourglass are running towards eternity. Now is the time.

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27 de febrero
Chapel Library
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