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How can you control yourself and be successful in all situations throughout life? You simply learn everything about yourself, and about life. To be specific, your behavior represents the summation of your lifelong activity, and this is what you have to address. How can you improve and control your behavior, in order to be successful and understand the world? In what interests you, the world is structured into environments, while you behave differently throughout them all, in order to match them with your most adequate behavior. You have your social, natural, and cognitive environments among others, we consider them all throughout the book, while studying the variety of behaviors that you undergo throughout them all. We perform this study as a comprehensive model, from all perspectives. Throughout this book, you learn everything about the human behavior, everything necessary to help you control yourself, understand others, and develop to higher levels, along with everything necessary for you to help and educate others to behave well, and to develop to higher levels. Your behavior is very complex, and this is your chance to understand it entirely. You will understand the human behavior from all perspectives, by integrating it in all relevant topics of influence. Therefore, along with the human behavior, you will understand your needs, your reasoning, and your development, along with the influence coming from your inner self, family, society, Media and Entertainment, Education, ideologies, and much more. This entire model of your behavior is structured specifically to be acquired easily and directly, with you having the opportunity to reason alongside it, continuously and successfully. If you want to learn about the human behavior in order to be able to control yourself, understand and educate others, and be successful throughout life, then this is the book for you! Enjoy!

Salud, mente y cuerpo
diciembre 14
Valentin Matcas
Draft2Digital, LLC

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