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Learn guitar theory - The simple way, musical way

Third Edition

Are you sick and tired of guitar theory being taught in overly complicated language?

Are you looking to become a better musician and guitar player?

Do you want to discover creative guitar soloing and songwriting approaches?

Do you want to understand & use guitar scales, guitar modes and arpeggios?

Do you want a complete guitar theory method that takes you from zero to hero in simple steps?

Master, hear and play music theory for guitar

The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitar is different. Instead of boring and meaningless guitar theory essays, it makes music come alive. In fact, you’ll quickly learn to play the theory you’re being taught.

Go from meaningless information to stunning guitar solos and songwriting.

Guitarists are often guilty of 'collecting' musical theory without taking the time to learn to apply the information on their instrument. Modern Music Theory for Guitarists combines cutting edge, up to date musical information with over 200 exercises and examples to help you internalise and master the most important concepts in modern guitar playing. There are also bespoke, professional backing tracks from Guitar Techniques Magazine's Quist

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to construct major and minor guitar scales

How to harmonise a scale and use chords to write songs

The complete guide to naming chords on guitar (know your C9 from your Cadd9!)

A breakdown of every important type of chord, and where they come from

How to write chord progressions to create great songs

How to change key smoothly (modulation) and how to use guitar chord qualities to make your music creative and unique

Discover how to form guitar modes… and how to use them in your solos.

Discover the secret of triads, arpeggios and pentatonic scales you can use to create rich-sounding solos that’ll amaze your friends

A complete deconstruction of all the 3-note, 4-note and 5-note soloing approaches hidden in every scale

Bonus hundreds of guitar licks demonstrate every single concept

Bonus Professional backing tracks to help you practise every guitar scale

Bonus The complete guide to Roman numeral notation for short hand song writing on guitar

Bonus A ‘cheat sheet' of the most common soloing approaches to save you hours in the practice room

Bonus 200 audio tracks to download so you can hear every single guitar theory concept in action

Learn the guitar theory… then use it!

There are so many sources of information out there these days it's hard to know where to begin and what's important when it comes to applying music theory to the guitar. This book has been designed to take you on a journey from essential first principles through to complex, exciting musical ideas while all the time teaching you the musical application of each concept.

Essential guitar knowledge and musical guitar skills

The Complete Guide to Modern Music Theory begins with the formation of the Major scale and builds steadily from the concepts taught in the first few chapters to help you master, hear and apply all the essential theory used today.

Thousands of 5* reviews

Not just for this title! Fundamental changes has published over 100 guitar methods, sold over 500,000 books and received over 5000 5* star reviews. You can be confident that your guitar education is in safe, experienced hands.

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