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Come enjoy 3 mystery stories for your reading pleasure. 

Track The Ripper 

New Londone is drowning in social and political unrest, a society on the verge of collapse and a people overcome with despair. Police and citizens in the Whitechurch District are at each other's throats. Mob mentality has taken over, and lingering suspicion and heated tempers are raging on both sides of the thin line between good and evil. To make matters even worse, there's a depraved killer on the loose, targeting the working women in East Edge. 

Inspector Frank Abberline has finally clawed his way out of the seedy Whitechurch sector, only to be sucked back in when the homicidal maniac begins to unleash his tour of terror. It's not the inspector's first rodeo, but this is also not a typical case. Something's very off about this killer, a lurking darkness even more depraved than the mayhem the inspector has unearthed before. 

Will Inspector Abberline be able to reevaluate his beliefs, or even set them aside, so he can track and hopefully catch the Ripper? 

Hunt The Ripper 

Abberline let him go.   


Now it's up to him to find the killer again.   


The Ripper's still on the loose and, with the help of Spratling and Mary Kelly, Abberline is now a man on a mission.   


The chase for the Ripper takes them on different twists and turns that include making new friends at a circus sideshow. Frank's secret is pulling him apart inch by inch with each passing second.   


Can they stop the Ripper?   

Pursue The Ripper 

Twenty years ago the infamous serial killer, the Ripper disappeared. It was believed he was dead… 

New London's Mayor, Sparks Denton, is a young politician who enjoys all the perks of his job. Women, trips, and free everything. However, he has a crisis on his hands the second year into his term. The notorious Ripper Killer may be murdering in the East Edge once more. It has been twenty years since the killer last showed himself. Desperate to keep his job and save the citizens of the East Edge, Sparks will do anything to stop these serial killings. Anything—as in embracing the idea of Supernaturals. He then finds out there is a whole world he never knew about. His job, his sanity, the love of his life and the city are all in great peril. 

Joy Glass, Reporter, Journalist, and a Supernatural, vows to protect her kind and humans from the evil that can happen when a Super runs loose. She was there when the Ripper took lives before, and slaughtered at will. Now she finds out he may be back. With the help of others of her kind, she'll do anything to stop this Ripper. Will their kind be exposed by another killer on a spree‒showing the world that Supernaturals actually exist? 

Come into the dark world of the infamous Edge, where things go bloody in the night. Where immortals and shifters reside in the shadows, as secrets, twists and unexpected creatures appear out of the mist of a most terrifying chaos.  

Come and Pursue the Ripper… 

Misterio y suspenso
20 de enero
Crimson Night
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