Trilogy of the Magi

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“There were many other signs that Jesus worked..., but they are not recorded in this book.”  — John 20:30

Even in our modern world, wise men and women of all ages still seek Him. Trilogy of the Magi is a book for all seasons.

In an inspirational trilogy, Kathryn Muehlheausler shares three stories of the royal magi of Christmas lore. Decades after Assyrian royal Melchior interacts with Herod, crowned in Rome as the King of the Jews, he is compelled to follow the star to Bethlehem and into danger. Balthazar’s adventurous life continues two decades after following the star when he is captured by a Bedouin tribesman who owes his life to Herod’s son. At first a prisoner and then regarded as a wise man, Balthazar experiences a crisis of faith after he impacts lives while revealing events in the magi’s travels and what they learned about the early life of Jesus. Thirty-three years after Dismas robs a family escaping to Egypt, King Gaspar and his servant Raheeb ponder if the man has fulfilled the child’s destiny. At the foot of Calvary, the angry criminal Daniel jibes at Gaspar though each needs help. Their fates intertwine in a desperate escape from Jerusalem. Weeks later, a shepherd with scars enters their camp; all experience an epiphany of faith.

Trilogy of the Magi is a beautiful and intriguing retelling of Christ’s life through three tales that offer unique perspectives of biblical figures during decades of events in the royal magi’s lives.

“A King’s Story is a beautifully written tale…a truly captivating, inspirational adventure ...”  — Joseph F. Classen, author of Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord

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