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Variants and Analogues of some of the Tales in the Supplemental Nights- Volume 3

William Alexander Clouston, 19th century British folklorist (1843-1896)

This ebook presents «Variants and Analogues of some of the Tales in the Supplemental Nights- Volume 3», from William Alexander Clouston. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- The Say Of Haykar The Sage

- The History Of Al-bundukani

- The Linguist-dame, The Duenna, And The King's Son

- The Tale Of The Warlock And The Young Cook Of Baghdad

- History Of What Befel The Fowl-let With The Fowler

- The Tale Of Attaf

- History Of Prince Habib, And What Befel Him With The Lady Durrat Al-ghawwas

- Index To The Tales And Proper Names In The Supplemental Nights

- Variants And Analogues Of Some Of The Tales In The Supplemental Nights

- Additional Notes On The Bibliography Of The Thousand And One Nights

- Story Of The Three Princes And The Genius Morhagian And His Daughters

- Cazotte's Continuation, And The Composite Editions Of The Arabian Nights

- Translations Of The Printed Texts

- Collections Of Selected Tales

- Imitations And Miscellaneous Works Having More Or Less Connection With The Nights

- Separate Editions Of Single Or Composite Tales

- Translation Of Cognate Oriental Romances Illustrative Of The Nights

- Additional Note

- To Richard Francis Burton

- The Light That Streams From Thousand Nights And One

- Preliminary

- The Engineering Of The Work

- “tuppence As A Touchstone

- Anglo Egyptian

- The Bestial Element In Man

- Richard F. Burton And Now I Must Proceed A Trifle Further Afield And Meet The Critic In Angloamerica

- Opinions Of The Press

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