Between Two Worlds

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Omer held out his hand, she glanced at him coldly. He withdrew it and let her feel what she had to feel."I was sure", she snapped. "I was more than sure! What mother beats her child the way she beat me, what mother locks her child in the closet so that the father does not see her broken head, what mother humiliates her child all the time, despises him, makes him look like that child never trusts himself again? Hmm? ""Beatings, humiliations, contempt, violence? Why?"And she threw everything off the table."And then forcibly married? Hmm ... then, I ran.""So ... and what do you want now?" she shouted at them. "What you want? For me to forgive you? No fucking way.""We're your family", Tuncay said.Anne couldn't speak, she was just crying.Omer bowed his head and wiped away his tears."Did you know that?" she shouted at Dana.She nodded in agreement."Since when?""For two days.""Aha! But you", and looked at Omer. "Ahh, there's no point in asking you, you surly knew. Is that how you love me ?! Okay, and what do you want, say it?""To be close to each other," Tuncay said.Omer looked at him and read the despair in his eyes ..."Be close to me? Hmm ... But when I suffered, when I was a child or when I fell and cried, or when I almost died from my husband's beatings, where were you? Or when I was alone, running away, without money for a loaf of bread, where were you? Or when I was going to die of heartache, where were you? Where were you? Where? " she shouted. "You haven't been there for 30 years, now, why? No, thanks!"She got up, jumped over the bench, and headed for the orchard. Meyra jumped up from her chair and ran toward her.She turned with wet cheeks and shouted at her:"Sakim, sakim (don't you dare)!"Omer couldn't clench his fists, he felt himself burning inside. Allah, what she had been through and did not know if she would ever recover. If he had been in her place, he would have been dead a long time ago. (...)

Ficción y literatura
15 de mayo
Gloria Stein
Draft2Digital, LLC

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